pyramids, pharaohs, temples, Tutankhamen... Giza, hieroglyphs, the Sphinx, Ramesses... the Ancient Egyptians challenged the infinite might of Time itself... and Time knelt before their astonishing achievements.

Welcome to the British Centre for Egyptian Studies

The aim of the British Centre for Egyptian Studies is to provide a permanent and accessible focal point for the study of all matters relating to Ancient Egypt. From pre-dynastic times, through the pharaonic era and beyond, to Graeco-Roman culture, Coptic, Early Christian occupation and the evolution through Islam into modern Egypt, the Centre will cover all of these and more.

At the dawn of the new millennium, the Centre intends to bring Egyptology into the 21st century - offering students and members unlimited access to resources as well as providing a friendly, yet informative approach to the many different branches of this fascinating and often mysterious field of archaeology.


The Centre offers opportunities to gain qualifications in Egyptology through Certificate courses for study at home, and will also collate and distribute research information and photographs through its extensive picture library. Future plans involve active work in the field.


Learn how to decipher the enigmatic hieroglyphs... study the role of women in Ancient Egypt... unravel the nature of the gods and goddesses... determine for yourself how the Ancient Egyptians really did build the pyramids - all at your own pace, from your own armchair!

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